Kobby Mason Akuffo, Creative Director/Founder

Kobby Mason Akuffo is an innovative Interior Designer who creates a unified interior space by focusing on the lifestyles of his varied clients.

Kobby earned his Interior Design degree from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado, with a specialty in Sustainability. Kobby established his career within senior management at several high-profile groups in London, England before moving to the United States. In the U.S., he worked as a designer and brand promoter for Fendi Casa and Kenzo Maison and founded Mason Royale Designs Inc. in 2015.

Kobby’s signature design style is daring and elegant. He works with modern, cultural and contemporary art that is exquisitely curated with fine antiques, luxury and comfort for functional opulence. Lifestyle design is about the travel log of everyone’s journey through life; – places we’ve been, people we’ve met; – a perfect milieu of sentimental value.

Kobby’s affinity for design began in Ghana, West Africa where he was born. In a vibrant, explorative and exciting culture, creativity becomes heightened as one is exposed to varied living standards and vernacular architectural styles. These standards and styles had a major part in influencing his design approach. Though these designs might differ in locality, scope, exterior and interior aesthetics, they share some basic elements stimulated by precise boundaries that provide functional synergy for the occupant. Kobby’s lifestyle designs can be drawn from the private residences of clients – dark and stark interiors and exteriors that lack connectivity. The resulting designs are concepts with light interiors, interconnected by exterior views of the landscape through transparent lenses with open circulation.

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