The Magic

As I mentioned colors are around us everywhere we turn, we just need to recognize them much more. All colors, with the exception of neutral grey will make an impression on people. As previously stated people will react to colors either positively or negatively, however never indifferently.

Confused, I hope not allow me to elaborate; not all colors affect people in the same way nevertheless there are many that do, and these are called objective colors.

For example Red is an objective color, most people associate red with danger, blood, stop or even passion, well the color of St. Valentine is Red, right? With most colors, people will behave in a predictable way; this is called a ‘predictable response’.

For example, red will always stimulate your appetite, look around almost all the fast food chains and restaurants, you will notice one thing, almost all of them have the color red in their logo’s, signage, decor or tableware. Do you think this is a coincidence, well I don’t.

Great way to make you spend more money eating out ah? Just by using color to stimulate your senses. Amazing!!!

On my next blog I will focus on the different color families and how they make us feel emotionally, don’t miss it.