Green & Sustainable

Green Design

Green Design has many aliases including environmental design, environmentally sustainable design, environmentally conscious design and many others. The concept is to design elements within the built environment and provide services that fulfill the principles of social, economic, and ecological renewability. 

• Integrative Process with early analysis of relationships amongst
systems, occupant education of building features, and an integrated
project team. 

• Access to quality transit, surrounding density, and diverse uses.

 • Energy use through the efficient HVAC system and building envelope.
Alternative + Renewal energy practices

Green & Sustainable Design
Design Green & Sustainable

Characteristics Of Green Buildings

Elevation levels in Design
  • Produced by socially responsible
  •  Produced Sustainably – harvested,
    extracted, processed and transported efficiently and cleanly
  • Low Embodied Energy
  • Locally Produced
  • Made from Recycled Waste
  • Made from natural or renewable
  • Durable
  •  Recyclable
  • Non-toxic
  •  Efficient in their use of resources
  •  Reliant on renewable resources
  • Non-Polluting
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Concept Inspired by a Bee Hive Construction

Bees live and function in bee hives. Bees build bee hives in hexagonal
shapes and are called cells. The natural architectural skill of construction using geometry to influence architecture that the bee applies that I choose to explore further; that of, the benefits of using hexagonal design principles in architectural construction by mimicking that of the Bee.

Concept Research Inspired by a Bee Hive Construction

Natural laws have led man to believe that nature runs on sunlight use the energy it needs and it fits function. Form and function are what the construction of the beehive is all about. The visual design of a beehive also exudes design elements such as pattern, repetition, shape, negative and positive space, and direction. The main attribute of the hexagon is its ability to fit perfectly on 6 sides thus reducing the amount of materials required in structural construction. 


Other attributes will include energy efficiency and high-performance lighting by having either end of the hexagonal structure of the exterior open allowing also for increased air circulation and ventilation resulting in lowering operation and maintenance cost. Further construction can be achieved by mimicking the hexagonal shapes for each design space within the home. The flat roof tops can be used for growing greenery to enhance the cooling of the roof tops.


Commercial Designs

The Study of Daylighting was an integral part of the office design. The open collaborative spaces filled with earth tones and warm active spaces give the office a welcoming space to work. The integrated efficiency in-direct lighting and living walls bring natural fun and easy casual. The clean lines of the classic modern furniture and bamboo floor through out.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Design Concepts

Senior Holistic Center Design

Senior Holistic Center Design

The Senior Cultural Arts Center is designed to embrace the art of living and creating. Designing for dignity and independence of artist and the creative heart.

Boys and Girls Club Design

Space is designed as a warm and welcoming place for kids to learn and play. The rooms are filled with natural daylight and bright spaces. The energy or color, fun, and a sense of comfort and to provide a safe place to explore, to retreat.

US Auto Glass Company Design

The road through this great country starts with companies like the U.S. Auto Glass Company, making the move to produce “American made”, the pride of America.

Senior Cultural Center Design

Senior Cultural Center Design

The project addresses the lifestyle of health and wellness must be addressed and yet a resident must be happy within their surroundings to interact with the program’s setup for their health and well-being.

Residential Design Concepts

Residential Interior Design

Residential Designs

Creating a new space for a client provides us an opportunity to share our passion for sustainability and wellness. From the flooring to the construction materials we assist in providing all the right choices.

Green House Hotel - California

The California Hotel Lobby has a sense of elegance and a touch of California modern. The easy feeling of the beach lifestyle and the natural elements incorporated into the conceptual design.

Residential Loft NY

Residential Loft - New York

The flow of energy and textures that brings you through the New York loft with the natural elements of water, earth and the patterns reflected in nature.

Expedition Mission - California

An expedition from the jungle of the city, to an oasis tucked away in the beautiful California scenery. The ocean breeze coming from the west is welcomed by the beautiful Hotel terrace and extraordinary balcony and patio spaces

Residential Design Interior

Think Tank - Preservation Concept

The Makers Think Tank is a place to bring together new ideas and to create prototypes and market-ready products. It is a a place to encourage free enterprise and a place to embrace new technology and the beauty of the past.

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