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Our Story

Mason Royale Designs (MRD) was established in 2014 to offer “Affordable Luxury” Interior Design services to clients with varying design scopes. MRD considers ‘Smart Design’ as ‘Good Design’ and believes that good design must be affordable and not elitist; good design has style and responds to the client’s needs. The main purpose of Mason Royale Interior Design’s function is to create Refined Spaces that are Smart, Functional, Comfortable and meet the Lifestyle of our clients.

Our Mission

In a driving need for Interior Designers to provide healthier alternatives for the built environment, Mason Royale Interior Designs, INC. Chicago offers ecologically responsible approaches to our interior design specifications by making sure our clients use smarter elements in their spaces to improve indoor environmental quality, water efficiency, and smart and energy-efficient equipment; saving and living healthier.

Our Vision

Building a holistic platform that embraces our collective good and expresses our creative excellence while committing to continuous personal and professional growth.

Creating intimate spaces that hold diverse activities for a variety of key stakeholders with the guarantee of leaving them with a memorable
impression after their experience within the spatial environment.

Providing healthier spaces within the built environment by selecting materials that are resourced through sustainable stewardship and advocacy.

Practicing a customer-centered approach to service delivery with a commitment to exceed and redefine the standard of expectation as we engage the community and add value to key stakeholders.

Positively influencing the minds and lives of our clients through designs


Maison & Objet

MAISON & OBJET in Paris is a major trade show of lifestyle experience. For two decades, this outsized lifestyle podium...
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How to Create Triptych Wall Art From Photo Canvas

I recently had the pleasure of working with designer Kobby Akuffo to make a large triptych (pronounced as trip-tik) wall...
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The Emotions of Color Part 3: Neutral Colors

Cremes: Calm Creams are ‘Calm’ when used alone, the soft shades will provide a natural backdrop for walls and windows,...
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