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Kobby Mason Akuffo approaches interior design with form and function as the overriding principle to enhance the wellbeing of the occupant. The interior designer from the onset mastered his craft comprehending the use of organic materials and nature to create style, warmth and harmony. The passion for design was further developed in London, England. Currently living in Chicago, it is Kobby’s habitude for harmony, form and light that gives his work a unique appeal. Specializing in sustainable design, there is a holistic component missing in designing interiors that he applies to add purity to his creativity. As a designer of interiors, Kobby has a playful approach to color and material textures variously using bold, dramatic or soft palettes to communicate mood through visual lenses. While residential interiors are a focus, he also branches into commercial commissions.
Graduating from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Kobby holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design with a specialty in Sustainable Design and also graduated from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management in England. Kobby has the unique talent for dealing with challenging structural and architectural elements and is known to work with builder and architects to enhance the clients vision. Prior to engaging in private practice, he worked as a Brand Promoter/Designer for the famous fashion house, The Luxury Living Group – Fendi Casa & Kenzo Maison.

“The inner you that evokes happiness, love, and life must mirror your space for it represents the spirit of those who occupy the built environment”
-Kobby Mason Akuffo-

Principal Interior Designer, Residential

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