Commercial Interior Design, Lincolnshire, IL

Owner Project Requirements:

As a leader in the Insurance Premium Finance industry, the client wanted to embrace innovation, progression, and collaboration within the business center resulting in transforming the way business is conducted within the workplace. The owner project requirements included – more personal and interactive spaces for open and private collaboration including computer stations to conduct transactions without hold-ups. The need for a recreational space to relax, hold functions after hours or wind down with 3D digital games and board games. The workplace should be a home away from home.

Design Thinking:

Create pods for privacy, consider indoor acoustics and noise pollution. Design for interaction and collaboration. Consider passive energy using daylight opportunities to promote Indoor Environmental Quality. Provide the workforce a connection to the outdoors through viewing lenses to the exterior corridor within regularly occupied areas. Use light, flat paint, and neutral tones in synergy with shading devices to avoid reflectance and glare. Executive offices must be non-intimidating for complex interaction to enrich workforce experience within the workplace.

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