Contemporary Eclecticism - Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Owner Project Requirements:

The Interior design must feature comfort and openness for family use and entertainment. Durable and timeless fabrics must embrace teenage use and function whilst providing a versatile environment for adults. No expense will be invested in wall paint so design must highlight the already existing color (yellow) without creating a space that looks out of place with the new design layout that includes color, fabrics, lighting, furniture, and textures.

Design Thinking:

Utilize the current wall and floor hues as a platform to build on. Earth tones in wood finishes and fabrics can complement the existing wall color, gold and white accents in light fixtures can bring in a contemporary feel. The use of neutral grays can be implored as a clean versatile look with textures in fabrics to add depth. Form and movement can be used to create external impact with patterns and texture on both fabrics and wood finishes.

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