Design Build, Lakeview, IL

Owner Project Requirements:

Remodel 4-unit residential property with all modern amenities. Neutral and warm pallet for that cozy feeling yet open and spacious for prospective owners. Each unit must feel a consistent part of the whole however maintain individuality and embrace diversity and community. Where possible sustainable/green features must be incorporated.

Design Thinking:

All interior designs feature heated floors, steam showers, wide plank oak floors, light finishes, and more.
Green Features for superior performance include:
Daylighting. Benefits > Good Energy Performance/Lower HVAC cost/occupant satisfaction/productivity/health
NO VOC Paint. Benefit> Improved Indoor Air Quality
High performance Energy efficient windows. Benefit>Reduced Energy consumption
Glazing. Benefit> Architectural appearance/Daylight admittance/opportunity for views/Airflow (Operable windows)/direct solar radiation
Water Efficient Plumbing fixtures>Reduced water use

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