The Emotions of Color Part 2: Cool Colors

Cool colors open up spaces and make them appear larger while creating a relaxed atmosphere.Blues: Tranquil The soft relaxing shades of light blue creates a calm bedroom, while a deep blue palette adds a fresh yet classic look to a living or dining room. Purples: Luxurious Provides a regal palette of elegant color and depth and creates an elegant family space or unforgettable bedroom. Greens: Renewals For an instant feeling of balance and harmony use green in an entry way to welcome guests or create a spa feeling to a bathroom. Silver: Enrich From silver to platinum use this color as a shimmering detail in a bedroom, living room or dining area or to give a high-tech modern look to the kitchen. To wrap things up on cool colors, let us bear in mind that tints of these colors create a restful and soothing feeling unless they are too intense in Chroma.

Now that we understand how far a change in color used in our spaces can affect us emotionally, lets focus on the final group of colors, neutral colors in the final part of this blog.