The Emotions of Color Part 3: Neutral Colors

Cremes: Calm Creams are ‘Calm’ when used alone, the soft shades will provide a natural backdrop for walls and windows, compliments all colors and acts as a transition between rooms. Beiges: Friendly From formal to casual, alone or in combination with colors from light to dark. Use this color as the foundation for any room. Browns: Earthy Brown, this strong color transitions from the professional feel of a home office to chic when paired with color to create a fashion feel in a bedroom or living room. Greys: Dignified This classic color adds a polished look to a kitchen, a tailored feel to a living room or a trendy statement to a bedroom. Blacks: Command Black adds depth, dimension and style making a dining room more modern or a traditional living room more elegant. Whites: Revitalize Use this pure color to brighten walls and serve as the base for all color combinations or as an accent to break up large areas of color in any room. When it comes to selecting color for your space the choices are many and the opportunities endless. Whether selecting wall coverings, art, accessories or window dressings for your first home or refreshing your existing space use these color principles to help you make your space ‘yours’.