Cityscape Design, Logan Square, Chicago, IL

Owner Project Requirement (OPR)

New construction condo as a first investment, the couple needs a space to entertain and enjoy the comforts of home in the city. Embracing a transitional lifestyle with a contemporary twist, favorite colors are blues and warm neutrals.

Investment Up to $10,000

Design Thinking: Consider scale and proportion, neutral and yet warm color palette. Using daylight, set the stage for unexpected elements in clean lines, match color with fabrics and texture to create a sense of serenity in modern dining + living. Anchor the space with a medium pile denim/gray/beige/ivory rug.

Effect: Elegant, Enduring, and Classic.

What the Customer Said:

This firm is owned and operated by one of the most talented interior designers I have ever met. He is professional, personable and incredibly honest, and perceptive when discussing design ideas. He listens to a client’s vision and then provides sound advice on how to bring that to life with tweaks as needed. He is also a Colorist so is amazing at helping clients pick out colors that evoke the right mood, emotion in a given room. He also helped me pick out great paint colors, lighting, and wallpaper for different rooms in my house. I will definitely retain Mason Royale Designs for my future design projects.

Victoria Ocholla – Logan Square – Chicago

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