Interior Design, Lakeview, Southport, Chicago, IL

Owner Project Requirements (OPR)
Design a space to accommodate a family of 4. Durable fabrics with stain-resistant content. Favorite colors are blue, browns, beiges. Space utilization will be for wine, reading, and occasional gatherings with friends and family. A secondary space within the home, space must exude functional elegance and serenity. The dining area must seat 8 for a holiday gatherings.
Investment up to $70,000

Design Thinking: Create a balanced universal space where kids can play, take naps, and cocktail parties are held.
Use the Interior millwork, floor texture, and movement as the foundation of the design approach.

Application: Walls in Colonnade Gray SW7641 > Light to medium depth with cool undertones of blue, green, and purples to set the stage creating a beautiful contrast with white millwork.
Compliment with light fabrics and contrast with blue (colonnade gray has blue undertones anyway. Accents of blues and dark blues with mixed metal finishes; chrome, gold, and black.
Unified the space with art.

Effect: Approachable Luxury and Welcome Comfort.

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