Interior Design, Northbrook, IL

Owner Program Requirement (OPR)

The Interior designers must lead the design of the home interior features and finishes for the building envelope. Open spaces that embrace modern living and pets. These open spaces must easily flow and allow the family to entertain guests utilizing both indoor and door spaces. Light colors will be preferred on wall, art and accents of color are welcome. Environmentally conscious design for energy and water conservation.

Design Thinking:

Utilize building orientation for daylight effect. Light colors, durable flooring, texture and warmth in materials applications. Water efficient plumbing fixtures, LED lighting fixtures for sustainable lighting technique. Indoor Environmental Quality to improve occupant health. Operable windows and shading devices. Consider thermal comfort and quality views. Whole systems thinking and design.


Energy efficient appliances saving money, the environment and enhance lifestyle. Material resources are from local manufactures adding to “Green Strategies”. Light colors reflect light within the space to reduce application of electric lighting. Installed skylights and solar tubes for natural lights in upstairs hallways without windows to the exterior avoiding the use of electric. 

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