New Construction Aldrich Model, Park Place, Glenview IL

Model Units feature spacious floor plans, hardwood floors, maple cabinetry, and much more.

Interior design: OPR (Owners Project Requirements)
Create spaces that embrace Gen x
Feature finishes that cater to lifestyle design, e.g., Family of 3 or 4, Entertainment, Holiday gathering, etc.
Finishes with durable materials and easy maintenance
A mixture of eclecticism and/or modern aesthetics
Universal + Flexible occupant FF+E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)

Design Thinking: Feature light colors on walls, wide hardwood plank floors for easy maintenance, Polished nickel hardware, Quartz countertops for performance and aesthetics, Porcelain floors in varying installation formats.
Utilize the orientation of the building form to bring in as much daylight as possible whilst exploring accents of ambient and task lighting.

EFFECT: The combination of natural + artificial lighting adds warmth and varies the mood within each space depending on the needs of the occupant. This will meet a variety of Gen X owner lifestyles allowing the building environment to embrace wide prospects.

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